Fees for Buying Items & finders fees:

Item price Fee Will not exceed
Under €30 €10 fee €10.00
€30 to €69 €15 fee €15.00
€70 to €199 30% fee €50.00
€200 to €499 25% fee €100.00
€500 to €999 20% fee €150.00
€1000 to €1499 15% fee €200.00
€1500 to €9999 10% fee €750.00
€10,000 to €24,999 5% fee €1000.00
€25,000 to €49,999 4% fee €1750.00
€50,000 to €74,999 3% fee €2000.00
€75,000 to €99,999 2% fee €2000.00
Over €100,000 2% fee €2000.00

 Flights & Sailings

€20 per person each way, + ticket fare

 Hotel Bookings & Exams

€10 per person per booking

Paypal Payments for your own items bought

Same as above

Pls note…

All items and flights etc must be paid for in full & in advance…….. No exceptions.

All above commission is subject to vat. (Pls see below)



Fees for Selling Items:

No sale, no fee, no payment upfront* – You have nothing to lose with Trade4u!


For Ebay Sales..

  • We generally list items at a 99c start to attract bidders. If you would like to set a higher start price or a reserve price this incurs a fee (**)
  • If the item sells, you get two-thirds of the final sale price* ie 66% (This does not apply to vehicles)
  • You never have to pay us upfront*
  • We will not charge you anything if your item does not sell**

For All other site sales….(eg. DoneDeal.ie , Buy & Sell.ie….)

20% of the Sale price.

(Variable and negotiable depending on item.)



Fees for the Selling of Vehicles will be discussed and determined at the time, as all cases differ. Please contact us for info.





Other info:


We want you to be 100% satisfied with any purchase order placed with us. Therefore if you wish to return an item for whatever reason you may contact us by email at info@trade4u.ie within seven days stating the reason for return and we will be happy to assist you.

We can only accept returns an item if it is not exactly as described when advertised, or if it has been damaged in transit.

We do not accept returns of any used petrol engine products, but will endevour to rectify any problems that may occur within the warranty time of 3 months.

If for any reason the unit cannot be mechanically fixed, we will refund or replace, as to the customers wishes


We charge vat on all above commission

We are fully registerd for vat : Our Vat number is IE7440740J


Asterisk notes:

* On the condition the item is left in our possession.

**Except reserve price items which carry an administration fee of €10 plus 2% eBay fees and vehicles which carry a standard €20.00 fee.


Please note: Any items that remain unsold and uncollected after 6 months will be donated to Local Charities